Northwest Territories


REGULAR A lawyer or judge who has been called to a Canadian Bar.  A law professor with a recognized Canadian law degree who is working at a recognized law school in Canada.** $585.00 $29.25 $614.25
NEW LAWYER A lawyer in their first three (3) years of call to a Canadian Bar. $271.50 $13.58 $285.08
LAW SCHOOL STUDENT A student who has not been called to a Canadian Bar and who is enrolled at a recognized Canadian law school; or a Canadian citizen studying at a recognized foreign law faculty. This category is also available to NCA students attending a recognized Canadian law school to achieve NCA accreditation. COMP N/A COMP
ARTICLING/BAR AD STUDENT A student who is in the process of articling with a Canadian law firm; or is enrolled in a Bar Admissions course to be admitted to their first Canadian Bar or Law Society. $186.00 $9.30 $195.30
SCHOLAR An individual who is eligible under another membership category but is currently undertaking full-time graduate legal studies at a recognized law school; or undertaking Bar Admission studies in order to be admitted to another Canadian Bar or Law Society. $186.00 $9.30 $195.30
RETIRED A lawyer or judge aged 60 years or more, or who has been a member in good standing of the Bar or Law Society for 20 years or more, and who has retired from the active practice of law or the Bench by resigning from the Law Society or the Bench. $328.50 $16.43 $344.93
ASSOCIATE A lawyer or judge who is a member in good standing of a Bar or Law Society outside Canada, and is not otherwise eligible for membership under another CBA membership category. Proof of international designation must be supplied. $321.35 $16.07 $337.42
NON-PRACTISING A Regular Member who is not actively engaged in the practice of law. Individuals are eligible for this category if their Law Society recognizes non-practising or inactive status. $300.00 $15.00 $315.00
PART-TIME A Regular Member who is not working the full work week. Individuals are eligible for this category if their Law Society or their insurer recognizes part-time status, currently Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia. $300.00 $15.00 $315.00

*Membership fees are effective from September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024. The CBA reserves the right to change its membership fees at any time, without notice.

**Judicial members have the rights to attend all meetings of the Association and to have a deliberative voice therein but do not have the rights to vote, to hold office or to propose or second resolutions, except as permitted in the Bylaws or Regulations.