Jack Innes Award

The Jack Innes award recognizes outstanding contribution to the CBA by a current staff member who has exhibited creativity, innovation, leadership and commitment. These qualities may be exhibited through their work (but not limited to) originality in initiative/program development, demonstrated leadership in talent development, the introduction of an innovative member service or a major operational efficiency in program implementation.

The Jack Innes Achievement Award was established in August 2007 to honour Jack A. Innes, Q.C. of Nova Scotia, who served as CBA National Treasurer from 2002 to 2007. Jack took a dedicated interest in the well-being of the Association and particularly those who served as staff.


Applications are reviewed by the CBA Award Selection Panel and recommendation made to the Governance and Equality Committee.


November 5th at 8 pm ET.

If you have questions please email awards@cba.org.


The 2022 Awards will be presented at either the CBA Annual General Meeting or the President’s Dinner in February 2022. Due to the uncertainty of the current health and travel restrictions, the recipient winner may be asked to pre-record their remarks, which will be broadcast to members. Winning recipients will receive updates in early 2022.


The Award consists of a $1,000 cash prize and an engraved plaque.

Past Winners

  • 2021 - Elizabeth A. Hall (Toronto, ON)
  • 2020 - Jonathan Clancy (Toronto, ON)
  • 2019 - Tamra Thomson (Ottawa, ON)
  • 2018 - Steve Pengelly (Toronto, ON)
  • 2017 - No award given
  • 2016 - Cathy Cummings (Toronto, ON)
  • 2015 - Heather Walsh (Edmonton, AB)
  • 2014 - Stephanie Elyea (Ottawa, ON)
  • 2013 - Gaylene Schellenberg (Ottawa, ON)
  • 2012 - Caroline Nevin (Vancouver, BC)
  • 2011 - Holly Doerksen (Ottawa, ON)
  • 2010 - Simon Gingras (Ottawa, ON)
  • 2009 - Fran Hodgkins (Vancouver, BC)
  • 2008 - Terry Evenson (Calgary, AB)