The CBA Legal Aid Liaison Committee is proud to announce Glenn Gallins as a recipient of the Legal Aid Leader Award

  • April 01, 2014

Glenn GallinsProfessor Glenn Gallins’ dedication to access to justice has taken many forms over the years. He has developed legal advice clinics in Vancouver and Victoria. He has served as a staff lawyer in legal aid offices. He has written numerous self-help legal guides, made law libraries available to the public and, for decades, has been the Director of the University of Victoria Faculty of Law, Law Centre Clinical Law Program.

From his entry to law school in 1969, when he began volunteering at the legal advice clinic, Glenn’s career has been about making justice accessible to all people. In 1978, he began work at the University of Victoria Law Centre and as Director, he has been responsible for all aspects of teaching, management, funding and service delivery. He has pioneered legal skills teaching techniques and computer technology to support clinical education and service delivery. Over 1500 students have been mentored by Glenn in the Law Centre Program, and over 70,000 people in the Victoria area have received legal help from students enrolled in the Program.

Glenn has promoted the concept of trying to assist clients to resolve their problems holistically. The Law Centre has for years had on staff a social worker to help clients address the underlying issues that resulted in their legal problems.

Glenn’s work at the Law Centre has been recognized through numerous awards including: the University of Victoria Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Victoria Community Leadership Award, the Victoria Bar Association's Pamela Murray Award, and the CBA-BC Branch highest honour: the Georges A. Goyer Award. In addition to his legal work, Glenn has been very active in his community serving on numerous boards especially those related to the delivery of health services.

Glenn’s dedication to the values and principles of legal aid truly makes him a legal aid leader!

Legal Aid Leader: Glenn Gallins

Legal Aid Leader: Glenn Gallins