The CBA announces the newest Legal Aid Leader Award winner: Rod Holloway

  • January 15, 2016

Rod Holloway

Rod Holloway, currently the Managing Lawyer for Appeals at the Legal Services Society of British Columbia, has played a major role in providing legal aid services in British Columbia for some 40 years. He developed the Legal Services Society (formerly Legal Aid Society) policies, managed its criminal and immigration services and has represented clients at numerous boards and tribunals as well as every level of Provincial and Federal Court, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Mr. Holloway has taken on complex cases and has worked with clients in the most challenging of circumstances. Members of the judiciary have commented on the importance of his work in ensuring that legal aid clients have effective and efficient representation as well as his commitment and creativity in providing assistance to the court. Mr. Holloway also contributed to jurisprudence on the rights of refugees as a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

One example of Mr. Holloway’s contributions to the well-being of vulnerable persons is his work with the Immigration Refugee Board, Canada Boarder Services Agency and the Federal and Provincial Governments. Mr. Hollway coordinated the work of lawyers and translators who guided more than 500 Tamils through the immigration and refugee determination process. For this work, Mr. Holloway received the Public Service Award of Excellence for Exemplary Contribution Under Extraordinary Circumstances.

Countless lawyers and articling students have benefited from Mr. Holloway’s mentorship, advice and willingness to share his knowledge. He has helped shape the future of the profession through his teaching at Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia’s faculty of law.

Mr. Holloway’s contributions to the law, to the profession and to the legal Services Society of British Columbia, his work mentoring upcoming generations of lawyers and his example of dedication, commitment and professionalism make him a Legal Aid Leader.