Anne Marie MacInnes is named the recipient of the Legal Aid Leader Award.

  • May 13, 2013

Ann Marie MacInnessA staff lawyer with Nova Scotia Legal Aid since 1992, Ann Marie MacInnes is well known in her community and her province as a leader for access to justice. It is telling that she was nominated by two people on the “other side” of her files, a Crown Attorney and an agencyside child protection lawyer. Ann Marie is known for her tireless advocacy to ensure access to justice for her clients, as well as her commitment to training and guiding junior legal aid lawyers.

Recently Ann Marie has begun work at the first Domestic Violence Court in Nova Scotia. This is an early intervention, community based pilot project. She acts as either full-service or duty counsel to those who chose to participate in this new structure. She is a champion dedicated to improving the court process for all involved; the accused, victims and families.

Ann Marie is an active volunteer and a respected member of the bar, sitting on the Complaints Investigations Committee and Model Code of Professional Conduct Task Force. She has been an elected member of the Bar Council and has sat on numerous law society committees, particularly the Gender Equity Committee.

Within the community, Ms. MacInnes has volunteered extensively, on the Board of Directors of a Youth Homeless Shelter, with the United Way of Cape Breton, with Elizabeth Fry Society of Cape Breton, to name just a few examples. Wherever she goes, she uses her position to encourage greater connections between the bar and community to help improve access to justice.

The work she does and the inspiration she provides to others to strive to improve access to justice for all make us pleased to recognize Ms. MacInnis as a CBA Legal Aid Leader.

Legal Aid Leader: Ann Marie MacInnes

Legal Aid Leader: Ann Marie MacInnes