Are you prepared? Pandemics in the workplace

  • February 28, 2020

The CBA’s National Labour and Employment Law Section has created a pandemic preparedness resource guide to address the key questions for employers, unions and employees.

This resource guide will help lawyers prepare their clients for a pandemic and advise them during a pandemic. It can also be used by lawyers to assess the effect a pandemic could have on their own workplace. It looks at how the law might come into play when a contagious disease begins to spread through a community, and then when a pandemic occurs. It covers such things as pandemic plans, vaccination requirements, work refusals, forced absences, compassionate care leave and doctor’s notes. Also included in this guide is a concise two-page chart that will show lawyers and/or their clients what to expect and what measures to take during three different stages of a pandemic in the workplace.

Good communications and strong workplace relationships will be critical when a major, widespread health crisis occurs. The best advice for now is to be aware of health risks, to have an active health and safety team, and to keep a pandemic plan up-to-date.

NOTE: A webinar on “Pandemic Preparedness” was held on Dec. 3 2014. The recording is available for purchase.

Download the Guide