Note from the Chair: Student outreach

  • June 08, 2017
  • George Vuicic

This spring, I spoke to law students at the University of Ottawa as part of an initiative by the CBA National Labour and Employment Law Section, and the CBA more broadly, to engage and involve younger members of our profession in CBA activities.  The event was coordinated with the Labour and Employment Law Students’ Society at the university.  It was a great opportunity to interact with law students and to discuss the benefits of joining the CBA.  The students were very keen to learn more about CBA, and to talk about the dynamics of practising labour and employment law.

The greatest challenge facing the CBA (and most national Sections) is declining membership, particularly among new lawyers.  It is therefore critical for CBA members to connect with law students and newer members of the profession, to familiarize them with all that the CBA does on our behalf, and with the benefits of joining the CBA and getting involved in Sections.  I encourage all CBA members to take part in this initiative, by speaking to students at a law faculty in your region.  It’s easy! Your Section liaison can provide you with materials to distribute, and with information to share about CBA membership.  Beyond that, all you have to do is talk to students about why you enjoy practising labour and employment law, and how being involved in CBA has benefited your practice.  Please take a moment to consider how you can help us with this initiative and share your ideas on our Section discussion board. You can also contact a member of the Section executive or our CBA Section Liaison for more information.

George Vuicic, Chair, CBA National Labour and Employment Law Section