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  • September 02, 2021

Tory Hibbitt

I am excited and honoured to serve as the 2021/2022 Section Chair alongside fellow members of the Executive.

My keen interest in health law developed while studying Philosophy at Queen’s, at which time the ethical underpinnings of clinical trials and the study of bioethics grabbed my attention. The thread of bioethics has been woven throughout my studies, career, and volunteer roles ever since. From my LL.M. in Medical Law and Ethics, to practising law in medical malpractice, serving on a hospital ethics committee, and joining the CBA Health Law Section Executive and End-of-Life Issues Working Group.

“Health Law” is a broad and dynamic industry with diverse practice areas. Civil litigation, regulatory, administrative and constitutional law are just some of these areas. Whatever the angle, health law is continuously developing and applies to each of us. Indeed, its complexity and relevancy have been highlighted most recently by the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting involved with the Section is a great way to keep up with developments while building a network of lawyers practising in this sector.

The Section had a successful 2020/2021 year, despite pandemic hurdles. Check out some highlights below and learn about upcoming opportunities. We will also be in touch soon with an update on plans for our next Health Law Summit (dates to be determined).

Privacy vs. Innovation: Time for a Paradigm Shift? – September 17

In collaboration with the CBA Privacy and Access Law Section, join us for a webinar exploring the trade-off between innovation and privacy from the perspectives of the individual patient, the law, industry and academic research. We will consider the limitations that privacy laws appear to impose on innovative projects. We will also explore if there may be ways to get around those limitations. Register now!

A Virtual Introduction to Health Law for Law Students – September 24

If you are a law student or recent graduate and you are curious about the practice of health law, join us for an interactive mentoring session with a panel of health lawyers from across Canada. This is a great opportunity to learn about the different types of practices within health law, and to hear tips on how to pursue a career in the area. You will also get to meet with each lawyer in a small group setting to answer all your questions.

Register now and please share this event in your network!

Essay Contest Winner

The Section is pleased to announce Medina Eve Abdelkader as the winner of the 2021 CBA Health Law Student Essay Contest for her paper titled, “Towards an equity-driven regulatory framework for germline editing: considerations for amending the Assisted Human Reproduction Act”. Medina is a recent Juris Doctor graduate from the University of Victoria Faculty of Law.

Advocacy Highlights

The Section is actively involved with the CBA End-of-Life Working Group which comprises a cross-section of members from diverse areas of expertise, including constitutional and human rights law, health law, wills, estates and trusts law, elder law, child and youth law, privacy and access to information law and alternative dispute resolution.

In November 2020, the End-of-Life Working Group appeared before the House Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights in support of its submission on Bill C-7, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying). The Working Group was also featured in a CBA podcast, Let’s Talk Medical Assistance in Dying, and a CBA National Magazine article Balancing autonomy and protection.

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Tory Hibbitt
Chair, CBA Health Law Section