Global Corruption: Its Regulation Under International Conventions, US, UK, and Canadian Law and Practice (Fourth Edition, March 2022)

  • March 21, 2022

Authored by Professor Gerry Ferguson, Distinguished Professor at the University of Victoria Faculty of Law, Global Corruption: Its Regulation under International Conventions, US, UK and Canadian Law and Practice, Fourth Edition is the first course book of its kind on anti-corruption. As sponsors of the book, the CBA Anti-Corruption Team (CBA-ACT) reviewed and provided input into the content. It is a comprehensive account of the historical, social, economic and political dimensions of corruption and compares the US, UK and Canadian Anti-Corruption regimes. The book is available in whole or by chapter in both PDF and Word formats. To purchase a print copy of the book, please visit: UVic Publishing Services.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Corruption in Context: Social, Economic and Political Dimensions

Chapter 2 - Bribery and Other Corruption Offences

Chapter 3 - Jurisdiction, Corporate Liability, Accomplices and Inchoate Offences

Chapter 4 - Money Laundering

Chapter 5 - Asset Recovery and Mutual Legal Assistance

Chapter 6 - Investigation and Prosecution of Corruption

Chapter 7 - Criminal and Civil Sanctions and Remedies

Chapter 8 - The Lawyer's Ethical and Professional Responsibilities

Chapter 9 – Compliance Programs, Risk Assessments, and Due Diligence

Chapter 10 - Public Officials and Conflicts of Interest

Chapter 11 - Regulation of Lobbying

Chapter 12 - Corruption and Public Procurement

Chapter 13- Whistleblower Protections

Chapter 14 - Campaign Finance Laws: Controlling the Risks of Corruption and Public Cynicism

Chapter 15 – Collective Action

Chapter 16 – The Role of NGOs


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