Accessibility, Quality and Profitability for Personal Plight Law Firms: Hitting the Sweet Spot

  • August 23, 2017

Quality. Accessibility. Profitability.

Law firms with all of these characteristics have hit the “sweet spot” of legal practice, says Noel Semple, an assistant professor at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. The problem is that most small and solo law firms generally hit only two of the three.

In a white paper published by the CBA, Semple describes the professional challenges facing lawyers and identifies sustainable innovations to make their services more accessible while maintaining quality and profitability.

The paper primarily addresses contested personal plight cases – divorces rather than wills, for example. Personal plight clients are more likely to be legally inexperienced and therefore will likely need more hand-holding (figurative or literal) and more explanation than other clients.

Semple draws extensively on interviews he conducted with 32 personal plight legal practitioners across the country, using their experiences to inform his arguments for innovation.