Canada Revenue, we have a problem

  • August 29, 2019

Income tax filings are always fraught with a certain amount of difficulty, so anything that aims to streamline the Canada Revenue Agency’s red tape is welcome.

As long as it works.

That’s why the CBA’s Charities and Not-for-Profit Section is commending the CRA for moving to an online format for filing applications for registered status, and also suggesting the system be put on hold to allow for appropriate testing to work the bugs out of the new system.

The Section reports that its members have “experienced significant difficulties” with the new online system, which it considers to be overly complicated.

 “The CBA Section recommends that you consider placing a temporary hold on use of the new T2050 (form) and its online filing until a formal testing group can be established to work with the Charities Directorate on use of the new T2050 and the process by which it is filed online,” the Section says in a letter to CRA’s Charities Directorate.

The Section says its members would gladly participate in a pilot process to test the new system, and inform the CRA of any inconsistencies or difficulties before the agency requires the system to be used.

Meanwhile, the Section commends the CRA for continuing to allow the paper forms to be filed.

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