Statement from the CBA President Stephen Rotstein on the hostilities in Ukraine

  • February 28, 2022

The Canadian Bar Association is deeply troubled about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ordered by President Vladimir Putin.

Russia’s attack on the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine is a serious breach of peremptory norms of international law and the laws of Ukraine. We condemn this act of aggression, and we call for respect of international humanitarian law.

We support the Canadian government response and actions to date relating to the hostilities in Ukraine, and we call on the government to continue to pursue diplomatic solutions that further assist in the resolution of this conflict and accountability for any breaches of international law.

We also urge the Canadian government to take immediate action to help welcome vulnerable Ukrainians to Canada. While we welcome the government’s intention to prioritize immigration applications for Ukrainians, swifter action is needed.

The CBA stands with its colleagues in Ukraine and with the entire Ukrainian-Canadian community across the country. We reiterate the importance of the rule of law as the foundation that supports democracy, human rights and freedoms.

Stephen Rotstein
Canadian Bar Association President