CBA Membership continues to be a great investment in your career

  • June 15, 2021

In a year full of changes and challenges, when the work lawyers do was as critical as could be, they found the clarity, the community, and the practical supports they needed to develop their careers and serve clients with confidence at the CBA. “The collective knowledge of the CBA members has helped us move forward during this unprecedented time,” Saskatchewan member Andrea Phillips attests.

Having navigated a “new normal,” lawyers are now faced with the prospect of more choices, more unknowns and more opportunities ahead, and are relying on the CBA to help them make sense of this changing world and flourish professionally within it.

Your association, powered by the diverse experiences, expansive expertise, and relentless dedication of more than 36,000 members from coast to coast, is committed to anticipating and meeting your needs – to keep you at the top of your game despite the shifting terrain – just as the CBA has done for more than 100 years.

As Canada’s largest legal network, the CBA is uniquely positioned to provide you with the readily applicable expertise, vital well-being assistance, leading-edge resources and career-enhancing connections that will allow you to prosper in today’s legal environment and to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Whatever your speciality, whatever your ambitions, wherever you are situated, the CBA has award-winning programming, on-demand supports, an extensive built-in referral network and essential practice tools to propel your forward on your professional path. An investment in CBA membership yields immediate and career-extending benefits, come what may.

It may sound trite but it is true that everything changes but change itself. That ongoing change is difficult to manage for busy lawyers and law students amidst the demands of their day-to-day lives. Let the CBA be your rock, your resource, your authoritative source of information and sounding board – an indefatigable booster as you level up in your career.

A CBA membership removes uncertainty and solitude from legal practice. As Alberta member Patricia Hebert, Q.C. reminds us, “in times of turmoil, we have greater strength together through the CBA.”