Connecting to a world of possibilities

  • July 08, 2021

The last year and a half made even the most go-it-alone lawyers appreciate the importance of professional community. When everybody is forced into isolation, the only way to keep justice matters moving forward and serve clients well is to share information, strategies, solutions and support. But that was true before the pandemic, too, as active members of the Canadian Bar Association know very well.

With over 36,000 members, the CBA offers countless ways for legal professionals to forge a rewarding, resilient and thriving career. Through its national and provincial branches, the CBA makes it easy for members to leverage every opportunity that belonging to the largest professional association for lawyers in Canada affords.

Professional development opportunities, as well as bench and bar events or section executive and committee roles, provide an ever-growing list of networking possibilities for those who wish to advance issues specific to their practice area, refine their skills, raise their profile or grow their business. Informal social events and discussion forums help lawyers create and strengthen professional and personal connections with their peers.

Members who may bristle at the term “networking” have many opportunities to contribute to, and draw from, the CBA’s diverse and forward-looking community of lawyers. They can share their knowledge and experience by writing articles for publication, enhance their reputation and grow their client list by volunteering to make a public presentation for instance through the OBA’s Speakers Bureau and gain exposure while giving back to their community. Or they could sign on to a mentorship program at the national, provincial or practice-area level for one-on-one engagement.

Those are just a few of the ways lawyers can grow as leaders within the CBA and gain the kind of referrals and leads that are integral to career success for legal professionals. But more than camaraderie and expanded client lists, engaged members of the CBA benefit from unparalleled creative inspiration and cutting-edge, crowd-sourced information that will power them through the next big change in the profession.

Unlock the power of more than 36,000 members and find your own way to connect and engage with the CBA. The professional and personal possibilities afforded by your association are bound to make you a better, happier and more successful lawyer.

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