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  • August 09, 2021

Lawyers have many ways to distinguish themselves within a dynamic and competitive legal marketplace. But none is more important than expertise. Staying ahead of the curve is key to career success and client satisfaction. Easier said than done, especially for busy lawyers. Fortunately, the Canadian Bar Association and its provincial and territorial branches are giving members a leg up with leading-edge professional development (PD) programs and resources that will propel you forward.

Knowing what you need to know is half the battle, and your Association has removed the guesswork for you. The CBA, with its more than 36,000 engaged and experienced members, has unparalleled understanding of lawyers’ priorities, aspirations, career options and paths to leadership. The CBA is continuously anticipating and proactively preparing the tools, conversations, and readily accessible insights that will both equip and inspire you to stand out in your field and advance in your professional journey.

Harnessing the knowledge of leading authorities and rising stars from across the country, the CBA brings members a wide-ranging roster of PD programming – on substantive issues, emerging opportunities and pathways to power, health and wellbeing, inclusive leadership, and current best practices. Programs designed by lawyers for lawyers enable everyone from the seasoned practitioner to the student-at-law to capitalize on extensive expertise, sharpen their skills, and level up in their careers.

These opportunities to learn, to grow, to advance come in many forms – a lunch-hour, a half-day, or a full-day session, a short-and-scintillating podcast, even multi-tiered series – and you can take part in real-time or view a recording at your convenience. The CBA houses a vast catalogue of on-demand webinars so members can easily access the information they need at the most opportune time.

In a period of rapid change in legal practice and court operations, members of the bench and bar alike rely on resources from the CBA and its provincial branches to move matters forward capably, confidently and with clarity while negotiating remote, in-person and increasingly hybrid environments. The checklists, custom materials and toolkits have provided critical guidance and support during turbulent times. With more uncertainty and opportunity ahead, member-exclusive resources and programming will continue to evolve and expand to light the way forward and keep ambitious, committed and curious lawyers in the know and ahead of the pack.

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