Reminder: Renew and be part of something big

  • September 01, 2020

As the largest association in Canada for lawyers and by lawyers, your CBA membership gives you access to a network of legal professionals from coast to coast to coast – and countless benefits. With our 2020‒21 membership year about to start, here are three important reasons to renew your membership now:

1. Advocate for change

Throughout the pandemic, the CBA has advocated for lawyers and the profession. Shortly after COVID-19 hit, the CBA launched a Task Force to address the many changes in the justice system resulting from the crisis. The Task Force will recommend how courts, tribunals and other dispute resolution processes can better deliver their services to meet legal needs both during and after the pandemic. Through National Sections and Bench and Bar Committees, the CBA is working with the federal government to address legal issues that span the profession and each area of practice.

With your CBA membership, you can get involved in initiatives just like these to shape the future practice of law in Canada. 

“The COVID-19 crisis has accentuated the CBA’s ability to proactively advocate for change in the legal profession.” – Jennifer Brun, British Columbia

2. Connect and contribute

CBA Sections and Committees allow members to take a deep dive into issues affecting their practice areas and the profession. They’re a great way to build lasting connections with like-minded lawyers and give back. What’s more, CBA members tell us that when they get involved in Sections, they see an increase in business referrals.

Sections equip members for success and deliver value by putting relevant online practice tools in the hands of members across the country. Watch for news on Section plans for this fall and winter – coming soon.

“The connections made through my involvement in the CBA have resulted in client referrals for my own practice and that of my entire firm.” – Tara Miller, Q.C., Nova Scotia

3. Power your career

When you leverage the CBA’s diverse network of more than 36,000 legal professionals across Canada, you open opportunities for your career and your growth. More than 15 new online programs have scheduled for fall 2020 – with new member price points! Stay tuned for more information.

You can also tap into hundreds of discounted professional development programs, as well as lawyer wellness supports, career centres and the CBA’s Find-a-Lawyer Directory. 

“I highly recommend the CBA's professional development programs.” – Christopher Buchanan, Northwest Territories

Stay connected to the profession, to lawyers Canada-wide, to opportunities, and to the issues that matter most. Renew today

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