Last chance to renew: CBA members have their say on why membership matters more than ever.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live and work. That’s why a CBA membership is more important than ever. It keeps you connected to the resources, information, professional development, networking and services you need to navigate our changing world. If you have yet to renew, now’s the time.

Renew now

We asked seven members why they plan to renew. Here’s what they said: 

“CBA offers opportunities for connection with lawyers outside my firm. This may be more important than ever.” – Dan McElroy, British Columbia

“CBA events, information, and support are vital to any legal practice. For those reasons and more, we make sure all of our lawyers are CBA members.” – Matt Conrad, Nova Scotia

“Now more than ever, CBA membership matters. The CCCA gives in-house lawyers a voice and support to navigate our ever-changing environment.” – Daniel Bourque, CCCA Chair, Ontario

“In times of turmoil, we have greater strength together through the CBA.” – Patricia Hebert, Q.C., Alberta

“The CBA has allowed me to access valuable resources during COVID-19.” – Martin Thiboutot, Quebec

“The CBA has been there for lawyers with mental health supports during the COVID-19 pandemic.” –Vivene Salmon, Ontario

“During the pandemic, the CBA and CCCA have continued to provide members with many remote learning opportunities.”  – Cynthia Lau, Manitoba

Renew your CBA membership before it’s too late.