Animating the idea of judicial independence

  • May 13, 2019

Protecting and supporting judicial independence is one of the CBA’s most important mandates. We see the independence of the judicial branch as fundamental to our entire system of law and law-making.

But as various news stories this year – and reactions on social media – have shown, many members of the public are less clear on the topic of judicial independence: what it is, how it is maintained, or why it is necessary.

Educational videos being launched this month by the CBA Judges Section should help with that.

A year in the making, the videos, which will be available on YouTube, will explain the concepts through simple animation and voiceovers explaining in easy-to-understand terms how our system ensures judicial independence, and why it’s important.

Those videos, and their accompanying FAQ, will be available on the For the Public page of Stay tuned for a launch date.