Get to know your executive

  • March 05, 2019

Becoming involved in CBA Sections is one of the best ways of making a CBA membership work for you – they link you to the subject matter experts, networks and information that you need to further your career.

There are volunteers on the executive of every Section dedicated to advancing the CBA’s mission and the work of the Section, and we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce them to you – not just in their roles as legal professionals and Section executives, but as people with families, children, pets and lives outside of work.

To that end, we’ve launched a Get to Know Your Executive campaign, in which we’ve invited executives to answer some questions and send photos of themselves doing the things they love to do. We’ll feature the responses on various CBA channels during Volunteer Appreciation Week in April 2019.

Emails have been sent to Section executives with a March 20 deadline for response (but we could probably give you a pass if you’re a day or two late). If you’re a Section executive who wants to take part but didn’t receive the invitation, please email Sections ( ) and we will help you out.