Be part of the change with the CBA

  • August 16, 2019

As a CBA member, you’re part of something big. Together, we can truly make an impact. That’s why engaging with your CBA colleagues is not only good for your career, it’s great for our profession. Here are three important reasons for you to renew your membership and get actively involved:

1. Influence change.

“The CBA gives members of the legal profession a voice on important matters, such as protecting solicitor-client privilege.” – Mahmud Jamal, Toronto

The CBA advocates on issues such as protecting confidential client information across borders and giving all Canadians equal access to justice. In fact, the CBA recently launched a national engagement campaign to put legal aid on the candidates’ radar in the 2019 Federal Election.

2. Impact your career.

“Getting involved with the CBA has been incredibly rewarding. I have enhanced my knowledge, built relationships with fellow members of the Bar, and advocated for our profession.” – Jana Linner, ReginaCBA members work collectively to create a real impact. They contribute to the CBA’s submissions to Parliament, explore issues affecting our profession, influence public policy, and collaborate on initiatives such as legal aid, legal futures and wellness. These opportunities open doors, lead to business referrals and create lifelong friendships.

3. Stretch your limits.

“My work with the CBA’s National Criminal Justice Section allows me to engage in advocacy that far outstrips the reach of my day-to-day role.” – Eric Gottardi, Vancouver

CBA Sections and Committees allow members to take a deep dive into issues affecting their practice areas and the profession. Whether your interests lie in Aboriginal law, corporate law, immigration law or further afield, the connections you’ll make and the opportunities you can explore all serve to shape your future. 

What are you waiting for? Renew your membership today.