Meet the new CBA President

  • September 12, 2018

Former McInnes Cooper managing partner and CEO Raymond Adlington assumed the CBA President’s mantle on Sept. 1, 2018, but he’ll have to wait until the Board meeting on Sept. 28 to feel the weight of the chain of office on his shoulders.

Traditionally, the ornate chain was transferred during the annual meeting in August. But with an AGM now in February and a transfer of leadership in September, the fall Board meeting was chosen for the ceremony, which will be recorded and made available online.

This year the Board has decided, based on input from members and CBA leaders, its overarching priorities will be access to justice and solicitor-client privilege. Ray will also work to further his personal priorities of diversity and inclusivity.

“Diversity is a noble goal, but there’s no true diversity without inclusion,” says Ray. “My daughters plan to become lawyers and I want them to join a profession that will not only accept them, but will welcome them as unique individuals.”

As Ray moves into the President’s office, Vivene Salmon, assistant Vice-President, Compliance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Toronto, takes over as CBA Vice-President.

They will be joined by the following Board members, some serving the first year of a two-year term, and some serving their second year:

First year

Brad Regehr, Manitoba
Christopher Buchanan, Northwest Territories
Jason Cooke, Nova Scotia
Thomas Laughlin, P.E.I.
Kevin Haché, New Brunswick
Vincent Larochelle, Yukon

Second year

Nabeel Peermohamed, Alberta
Chandan Kaur Sabharwal, British Columbia
Twila Reid, Newfoundland & Labrador
Stephen Mansell, Nunavut
Marie-Laure Leclercq, Quebec
Jeffrey M. Howe, Saskatchewan

We welcome them all, and look forward to working with them in the coming year.