Sharpen your legal skills with webinar series

  • December 06, 2018

The CBA’s popular Skilled Lawyer Series is back with a total of 16 webinars over two streams to help you improve your litigation and transactional skills, and accumulate up to 12 hours of CPD credits per stream in just a few months.

The first series, Litigation Essentials, which begins Jan. 15, is a series of eight webinars aimed at helping you to develop effective communication skills. The first webinar is titled Persuasion for Lawyers: Getting the Results You Want, and the succeeding webinars are variations on the theme – the art of persuasive writing, the art of persuasive speaking, navigating offers and counter-offers, re-opening blocked negotiations, and avoiding communications breakdown. The last two webinars discuss the pros and cons of waiving privilege, and avoiding common ethical traps.

The second series, Anatomy of a Deal, begins Jan. 23. It walks you through all the major steps deal transactions, from planning and managing, to structuring the deal, negotiations, due diligence, secured loans, drafting the agreement, managing risk, and finishes by going through the closing and post-closing requirements.

The webinars are led by subject-matter experts and experienced litigators.

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