CBA President's Letter to Presidents of the Turkish Bar Following Assassination of Tahir Elçi

  • December 08, 2015

CBA President Janet Furhrer sent the following letter to Mr. Hakan Canduran, President of the Ankara Bar Association, and Professor Metin Feyzioğlu, Esq., President of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations on December 8, 2015.

Re: Assassination of President of Diyarbakir Bar Association

On behalf of the 36,000 members of the Canadian Bar Association, we lend our voice in condemning the recent assassination of Tahir Elçi, President of Diyarbakir Bar Association.

His senseless death is an affront, not only to the legal community but to all of us who live in a free and democratic society and we stand with those who have expressed their outrage.

As jurists, it is incumbent upon us to uphold the tenets of freedom, democracy and the rule of law. It is at times like this when these principles are challenged, that we must stand together against persecution, barbarism and murder.

I wish you and your members strength and courage as you begin the painful process of healing and recovery. We extend our condolences to Tahir Elçi’s family, friends and colleagues.

Yours truly,

Janet M. Fuhrer
President, Canadian Bar Association