Will Russell

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I joined the CBA while I was in law school when I was in New Brunswick so it was it was very easy to join there.

[Meet Will Russell] [Associate, Wickwire Holm & CBA Member - Nova Scotia]

We have this impression from movies, from TV about what the law is and the CBA really helps break it down and having that opportunity to delve into the actual practice of law rather than just the study of law - which law school is - was a huge advantage so you actually get a sense of what your life is going to be outside of it and you're able to transition into it.

[The CBA offers opportunities to meet people, and you never know where those connections will take you.]

Law school was immensely stressful and very isolating, and you don't always have the same connections that you would even have in a firm environment where you have those supports and you have those resources. So for something like that, the CBA is just another partner that you can look to for information and support if you need it while you're in law school.

[You have the opportunity to talk about emerging issues and things that you never would have considered...]

A law student should join the CBA because it's an opportunity to meet peers and potentially colleagues from across the country and you really, you don't know how big your horizons can be.

You get sort of very focused on your region, very focused on your school, very focused on your practice area. So joining the CBA really is an opportunity to expand those connections if you want to practice area you get to know people from across the country.

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