Kanika Sharma

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As a new student in the law field, it's a little bit intimidating to learn how to navigate the system.

[Meet Kanika Sharma] [Law Student & CBA Member - Ontario]

There are so many opportunities, so many different forums to access, and so I felt that joining the CBA would be a good way to kind of start being aware of what's out there the different kinds of meetings, forums, events that are available.

[I think CBA Connect will give us more and more opportunities...]

It's been really good so far, I got emails about online events and in-person events and different articles to read and that kind of thing so I think it's a really good way of kind of getting a feel for what's going on and I'm starting law school in a few weeks so I'm excited to see what's out there.

[I think it's important for students to get involved with the CBA...]

The bigger the network of students within the CBA is a bigger voice we will be able to have, so if there's events that we want to go to or kind of networks that we want to make, the more of us that make it the better because it will make the student voice within the CBA that much stronger.

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