Adam Sadinsky

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The first opportunity that I had in the first week of law school I said well I'm going to join the CBA.

[Meet Adam Sadkinsky] [Chair, CBA National Law Students Forum &CBA Member - Ontario]

It's been a great opportunity for me to learn about areas of the law that I might be interested in practicing in the future through Sections and it has just allowed me to meet a lot more people in the legal community.

[It's been all about how to do law differently...]

How to use technology, how the practice is changing maybe it's not about the billable hour and these are all issues that students are really interested in.

[The CBA is the voice of lawyers in Canada.]

So you can be involved in an organization that advocates for the rule of law, that advocates for issues affecting the legal profession and access to justice, and I know tons of students for whom that's really important.

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