Podcasts for small and solo firms

  • March 12, 2019

The CBA’s podcast channel, the Every Lawyer, has a number of podcasts aimed directly at lawyers in small and solo practices. Read on to see what’s new specifically for you, and while you’re there, check out our other podcasts, including CBA President Ray Adlington’s own series Conversations with the President: Raising the Bar on Inclusion.

Has your privacy gone up in smoke?

  • March 06, 2019

Information about the purchase and use of cannabis can be highly sensitive. What can retailers do to protect their consumers’ privacy?

Reforming Indigenous child welfare

  • March 05, 2019

The federal bill tabled last week is good start to return jurisdiction over child welfare to Indigenous groups, says Ottawa lawyer David Taylor. But questions remain about ensuring that proper funding follows.

Get to know your executive

  • March 05, 2019

Becoming involved in CBA Sections is one of the best ways of making a CBA membership work for you – they link you to the subject matter experts, networks and information that you need to further your career.

From the Board: Chris Buchanan

  • March 05, 2019

It’s easy to forget about the North. The population of the Northwest Territories is only 45,000, which is a tiny fraction of Canada’s 36 million.