Colleen Gray

Colleen GrayColleen Gray is a Metis artist and the founder of The Art For Aid Project, an initiative that sees new and gently used art supplies being sent into remote First Nations, Inuit and Metis schools across Canada. 

For many years Colleen worked primarily with ink and watercolour pencil on paper, bringing to life, the quiet mysteries of her traditional teachings.  More recently, she has been working with ground mineral based watercolour paint on synthetic paper - a truly unique medium, the synthetic paper and paint combination offers a unique and somewhat unpredictable surface with results that leave both rules and artistic confinement in the dust. This progressive art form is catching the eye of those who are looking for something off the beaten path.

Learn more about Colleen Gray, The Art for Aid Project and the art pieces that are available for purchase on The Art for Aid Project site.

Colleen has recently created resource posters encourgaing people to wash their hands during the pandemic.  These are available in 21 Indigenous languages.

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