How to Join Sections

Choose one of the following online Section enrollment forms or visit your provincial or territorial CBA branch website or office:

  1. Choose the section(s) most relevant to your professional interests or needs.
  2. With your membership, you are automatically enrolled in the corresponding CBA National Section at no additional cost.
  3. If a Section is not available at your branch level, you may join it directly at the national level. To do so, check the “National Section” space on the enrollment form provided by your branch. (Some branches include a separate National Section list in their section registration package.)
  4. All CBA members in good standing are eligible for membership in most of our Sections. There are three exceptions to this process:
    • Canadian Judges: All Judges who are members of the CBA are automatically enrolled in this Section.
    • Canadian Corporate Counsel Association: Visit the Membership page to sign up.
    • CBA Well-being: There is no membership component. See the CBA Well-being website for information on its important role.

Questions about joining our CBA Sections? Email us at or call us at 1-800-267-8860.

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