Fireside Futures Series


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Forecasting the Future - Part II
What is in Store for Legal Education & Articling Programs?
With regulators adding new required competencies and inconsistencies in how articling programs are run across the country, some law students feel ill-prepared to enter the legal profession. Learn more!

Forecasting the Future - Part I
What Will the Legal Profession Look Like in 10 Years?

Listen-in on this fascinating discussion with Jordan Furlong, Legal Sector Analyst and Forecaster for Law21 for his take on the expected evolution of the legal profession.

Changing Trends and Meeting Client Demands
Panelists Adam Wells, Professor Dima Alhadidi, and Art Wilson discuss some of the new trends affecting the legal profession, new client demands as well as the risks and the ethical obligations associated with the latest AI movement.

Alternative Practice: How Will You Use Your Law Degree?
Join panelists, Julie MacDonell and Jonathan Sherman share how they are using their law degrees, what led them to choose their career paths, and how to leverage your law degree to do big things.

The International Lawyer: Alternative Practice Options for Canadian and International Lawyers
With the advent of globalization, many Canadian lawyers are opting to practice abroad, while some international lawyers choose to immigrate to Canada and join the legal profession here. What are the benefits and challenges of selecting these alternative practices, and what are the different paths available?

Legal Tech Competencies: Is the Minimum Requirement Enough?
More and more provinces are requiring lawyers to have a basic understanding of the existing and emerging technologies affecting the legal profession.  Are these requirements enough to help mitigate risk?

Developing a Strategic Tech Roadmap: Why…When…How?
From the metaverse to NFTs, new technology seems to develop faster than most of us can keep up. But what are the implications for the legal industry, and how does a law firm or legal department identify a need to adopt new technology?

The Future is Now: A Look at Legal Innovation Sandboxes Across Canada 
Take a seat around the fire our panellists as they examine the pros and cons of the sandbox model from the law societies’ and the applicant’s perspectives.

Visual Legal Advocacy
In a world that is very much visual, why is the law profession lagging behind? While the US is embracing the use of film to advance social justice as well as using this medium to present facts and evidence in court, Canada is still reluctant to embrace visual advocacy.

NewLaw and Legal Futures
‘NewLaw' might not be so new anymore, but the global pandemic requires us all to look at legal service delivery with fresh eyes. Join us for this timely discussion on how to flex your business to meet changing client needs in an unpredictable environment. 

How to Plan for the Future When the Present is So Uncertain
Explore the powerful impact planning can have and how to approach the exercise when you are just in survival mode.

Practicing Law: 2021 and Beyond
An Improtant Discussion for Solo and Small Firm Practitioners - Register today!