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1. Title of Resolution:

Pathways from Temporary to Permanent Residence

2. Estimated cost of implementation to CBA:

(Including the amount of any increase in budget requirements, any potential savings, and the amount of staff time to implement the resolution) Note: National Office staff can assist in calculating implementation cost.

CBA staff time to support related advocacy efforts, such as meetings with government officials and other stakeholders, can be implemented in current budgetary allocation.

3. Contact person who can assist the Board of Directors to implement the Resolution:

Name: Gabriela Ramo
Firm name: EY Law LLP, Toronto
Telephone: (416) 943-3803

4.Implementation Calendar

(List steps to be taken by the CBA to implement the Resolution and suggested dates for completion of each step)

The Section will share the recommendations during future meetings with government, including the May 2024 meeting with IRCC. The Section will also use the resolution as a starting point for future submissions to government and ensure all Section-endorsed positions align with the resolution.

The Section will monitor opportunities to comment on media stories on pathways from Temporary to Permanent Residence.

5. Indicator of Success

(The practical result which, if achieved, will show that the Resolution has been successfully implemented by the CBA.)

  1. IRCC undertakes a holistic review of temporary residence programs, particularly those with potential pathways to permanent residence.
  2. IRCC improves collaboration with provincial counterparts to reduce abuse and improve oversight of temporary foreign worker and foreign student programs.
  3. IRCC improves communication to potential temporary foreign workers and students about their options (or lack of options) for permanent residence.
  4. IRCC overhauls temporary and permanent residence targets to ensure an appropriate balance between the two.

6. Any information not appearing on the face of the Resolution to inform the deliberations:

(Attach or link to any background papers or other documentation in addition to this form which should be submitted to the Annual Meeting with the Resolution. Attach or link to documentation in both French and English, where it exists in both official languages.)

Tomoya Obokata, Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, End of Mission Statement, 6 September 2023, online.

The Globe and Mail, Immigration minister to reform temporary foreign worker program to stamp out abuse after slavery claims, November 8, 2023, online.

7. (i) Person moving Resolution:

Will be present at Annual Meeting: Yes ☒ | No ☐

Name: Kyle Hyndman
Firm name: MKS Immigration Lawyers, Vancouver
Telephone: (604) 637-0188        

7. (ii) Person seconding Resolution:

Will be present at Annual Meeting: Yes ☒ | No ☐

Name: Gabriela Ramo
Firm name: EY Law LLP, Toronto
Telephone: (416) 943-3803

7. (iii) Branch, Section, Committee or Subcommittee sponsoring resolution, if any:

National Immigration Law Section

8. Branches, Sections, Committees or Subcommittees directly affected by implementation of this resolution:

National and Branch Immigration Law Sections