24-03-A — CBA Bylaw Amendment – Defining Equity

WHEREAS CBA Bylaw No 1 uses the terminology “equality” and “equality and diversity” in describing the CBA’s commitment to uphold and advocate equal outcomes and full participation of all individuals and groups in the legal community, and to support CBA members from diverse communities thrive in their careers;

WHEREAS the term “equity” recognizes that it is often necessary to allocate different resources and opportunities to individuals or groups to achieve an equal outcome, consistent with human rights principles;

WHEREAS the term “inclusion” signals that diverse voices are heard and the term “accessibility” signals that all members have access to and are able to fully participate; 

WHEREAS replacing “equality” with “equity” and defining equity to include diversity, inclusion and accessibility would clarify that the CBA’s mandate and programs include these concepts, reflecting support for historically disadvantaged individuals and communities;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT CBA Bylaw No. 1 be amended to:

  1. Add a definition of “equity” to article 1:
    “equity” means the ongoing process of identifying and overcoming barriers to achieve equal outcomes in the legal system and full participation in the legal community, which requires focusing on inclusion, diversity and accessibility;
  2. Replace all instances of the term “equality” with “equity;” and 
  3. Replace all instances of the phrase “equality-seeking” with “equity-deserving.”

Moved by the Equality Subcommittee

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