VI Board Committees, Subcommittees and Task Forces

37.  Board Committees

  1. There are four committees of the Board of Directors:
    1. Audit;
    2. Finance;
    3. Governance and Equality; and
    4. Policy.
  2. The Board may establish the mandate of each committee by Regulation.
  3. The Board may establish subcommittees by Regulation, with an ongoing mandate and continuing functions, to report to a Board Committee.
  4. The Board may establish task forces with a specified time-limited function, to report to a Board Committee.
  5. The Board appoints members to the Board committees, subcommittees and task forces in accordance with the Regulations.
  6. Each Committee, subcommittee and task force may meet to conduct business, adjourn or otherwise regulate its meetings as it sees fit, subject to its budget.