Board of Directors

In consultation with staff, the Board of Directors handles the work of the CBA. Between meetings of Council, the Board has all the powers of Council except the power to pass bylaws.

The Board of Directors members are:

  • President (Chair of the Board)
  • First Vice President
  • Second Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Immediate Past President (Chair of Council)
  • Branch Presidents (13) (or Designate) (1)
  • Chair of the National Sections Council (2)
  • Chair of Forum Chairs (4)
  • Chair of Equality Committee (3)
  • Vice President of the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (3)
  • Chair of the Young Lawyers Forum (3)
  • Chief Executive Officer (non-voting)

The Board meets five times annually:

  • August on the last day of the Canadian Legal Conference
  • November
  • February at the Mid-Winter Meeting of Council
  • June
  • August prior to Council at the Canadian Legal Conference