Authorized Expenditures and Procedures for Reimbursement

Expense Claim Form


  1. All expenditures must have been included in the approved budget.
  2. Committees and Sections:  Funding for members of the Executive only.
  3. Conference Calls:  Consider, first, a conference call to replace face to face meetings.
  4. Reimbursement:  Please submit expense reports promptly, with complete documentation.
  5. Meetings must be prearranged through the National Office sixty (60) days in advance.
  6. Meetings involving National Office staff are held where most economically feasible.


  1. Travel and Accommodation:  Must use central booking services of CBA Meetings and Conventions Department and CBA travel agent, (McCord Travel Management), call CBA 1-800-267-8860.
  2. Airfares:  CBA Aeroplan points will be used when possible. Minimize costs using excursion airfares; First and Business Class travel and stopovers not available.  Exceptions possible only under special circumstances with prior approval - contact National Office Staff Liaison.

    Lounge Access: (President, Vice President, Finance Committee Chair, CEO) Cost of lounge access is appropriate when the cost is less than the individual meal cost saved.  Lounge Access is expected to be used in lieu of meal expense.
  3. Spousal Coverage: International travel may be considered, but is subject to pre-approval by the Chair of Finance. When the expense is submitted by the Chair of Finance, pre-approval is required from the President or Vice President.
  4. Hotel: Maximum rates as per the approved budget, including taxes.
  5. Cancellations:  Members are responsible to provide adequate notice or be responsible for charges.

REIMBURSEMENT (Supply original receipts; highlight tax)

  1. Transportation:  As booked through CBA Travel Agent (McCord Travel Management) and paid by CBA.
  2. Taxi:  Reasonable expense as required; supply original receipts.
  3. Own Automobile:  $0.49.5 - $0.66 per kilometre, as per the table below, to a maximum of the best available excursion fares on commercial transportation, supply original gasoline receipts. These rates are agreed to the National Joint Council Directive followed by The Treasury Board of Canada, effective January 1, 2019. These rates will be updated annually to the most recent rates prior to budget process.

    For the full dollar value, multiply the number of kilometres by the cents/km rate from the chart below for the province or territory in which the travel begins
Table of kilometre rates for the province or territory
Province or territory Cents/kilometre
Alberta 49.5
British Columbia 54.5
Manitoba 51.5
New Brunswick 53.5
Newfoundland and Labrador 57.5
Northwest Territories 66
Nova Scotia 53
Nunavut 61
Ontario 57
Prince Edward Island 52.5
Quebec 54
Saskatchewan 51
Yukon 64
  1. Parking:  Reasonable expense as required; supply original receipts.
  2. Hotel:  Room plus taxes reimbursed by CBA according to approved budget; supply original receipts.
  3. Meals:  Maximum allowable rates per meal are noted below:
    Maximum allowable Meal Rates
    Meal Rates
    Breakfast $20.25
    Lunch $19.85
    Dinner $50.00
    Incidentals $17.30

    Original receipts are required. These rates are agreed to the National Joint Council Directive followed by The Treasury Board of Canada, effective October 1, 2018. These rates will be updated annually to the most recent rates prior to budget process.

    Hosting Groups: Acceptable with reasonable justification (advancing the business of the CBA) for hosting a group.  Reasons for hosting must be stated when receipts are submitted, and names of all parties must be included in the receipt.
  4. Long Distance Telephone/Fax: No reimbursement without explanation of CBA business purpose; supply original receipts.
  5. Dependent Care:  A rate of $8/hour for one child/adult (maximum $80/day), and a rate of $15/hour for two for more children/adults (maximum $150/day) regardless of care provider type (i.e. facilities, nannies, general babysitter, etc.),  for expenses incurred for dependent children/adults during scheduled meetings held in the evening or weekends.
  6. Incidentals: (e.g. telephone, pay T.V., laundry, dry cleaning) paid by member.
  7. Payment:  Submit expenses in writing on CBA Forms (available from National Office), with all supporting documents, within 15 days of meeting, event, etc.


  1. Members' office expenses must be submitted no later than Fifteen (15) days following the fiscal year-end, August 31st.  Photocopier $.10/c (printouts); telephone (printouts); no secretarial; fax, actual transmission costs only (printouts) - maximum $.25/page; Accounts submitted after ninety (90) days will not be reimbursed.