Members are elected to the CBA Board for a two-year term. Before applying, please review the list of important dates for CBA Board Members, which lists upcoming Board meetings and events. Applicants should also read and fully consider the following list of expectations to serve successfully as a CBA Board Member, as anyone unable to meet them may be removed from the Board:

  • You will attend all Board meetings (12 on average), leadership forums (4) and meetings of Committees on which you will be asked to serve, and not be absent without reasonable cause. (The CBA covers the cost of attendance at these meetings, in accordance with its expenses claim policies);
  • You will make best efforts to attend signature events held by the CBA;
  • You will declare any conflicts of interest;
  • You have the support of your employer or firm to hold the position of Director for a two-year term and devote the time required; and,
  • You will attend a two-day Board orientation, which includes an overview of CBA governance.