Governance and Equity: Well-Being Subcommittee


Identify priorities, projects and initiatives for the legal profession relating to mental health and well-being; enhance awareness of mental health and well-being issues in the profession; develop programming, professional development and resources to assist and support the legal community in identifying and dealing with issues related to mental health and well-being; support Lawyer Assistance Programs across the country


The Subcommittee will be headed by a Chair. A member of the CBA Board of Directors will be a member of the CBA Well-Being Subcommittee. The majority of the Subcommittee members will be CBA members.

Ten members:

  • One Board member
  • one member named by the Judges' Section
  • one member named by the Canadian Bar Insurance Association

One from each of the following regions, where possible: British Columbia; Alberta; Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon; Saskatchewan and Manitoba; Ontario; Quebec; and the Atlantic Provinces.

All positions open for a one year term.


Experience in or knowledge of:

  • Issues relating to mental health and well-being affecting the legal profession
  • Provincial/Territorial Lawyer Assistance Programs and delivery of services at the local level
  • National and global trends in mental health and well-being issues

Interest in developing resources and programming to assist the legal profession in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

A majority of subcommittee members must be CBA members.


Approximately 24 hours per year, more concentrated when meetings are scheduled.

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