Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community Section: Hero Award


The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community Section (SOGIC) awards recognize excellence within the Canadian legal profession in advancing the cause of equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and two-spirited (LGBTQ2SI) people. The Hero award recognizes lawyers, professors, law students or retired judges who support the LGBTQ2SI communities.


  • Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents within Canada
  • Current members of the SOGIC executive are not eligible for the awards
  • There are no posthumous awards


Open to lawyers, professors, law students or judges who are members of the LGBTQ2SI communities, who have advanced the cause of equality of the LGBTQ2SI communities through either a single important action or series of actions or through a career contribution and/or those, who through excellence in their profession or community, or both, have served as a role model for other members of the LGBTQ2SI communities.


  • Nominations shall take the form of a letter stating reasons for the candidate's nomination;
  • The nominee's written consent and curriculum vitae shall be included with the nomination;
  • The full name, address, telephone fax and email information of both the nominee and the nominator shall be included with the nomination
  • Completed nominations must be submitted online and include all above noted documents.


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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