Are Your Practices Diverse and Inclusive? (Important Questions You Should Ask)

Many, if not most, law firms want to bring in people from diverse backgrounds and have an inclusive workplace.  

Here are some questions to consider when seeking to recruit, retain and include Indigenous people in your firm (as lawyers and other support staff): 

Leadership and Strategy 

  • Does your firm currently have Indigenous staff members?  Are they visible as partners and senior leaders? Are they found among your support staff? 
  • Does your firm have a diversity and inclusion program or strategy?  If yes, does it have Indigenous-specific elements and processes? 
  • If your firm has a diversity and inclusion strategy, is it integrated into your firm’s broader strategic plan and priorities? 
  • Does your senior leadership team “walk the talk” as in, do they champion diversity and model inclusion? 
  • Does your firm have a diversity and inclusion department/section/team/lead? If yes, are there Indigenous people on this team? 
  • Does your firm report on Indigenous inclusion? Do you measure your engagement and competencies related to diversity and inclusion? 


  • Do you have Indigenous people as part of your recruitment team (when seeking Indigenous and non-Indigenous candidates/potential employees)? Or can you engage a firm that specializes in recruiting Indigenous candidates? 
  • Are your hiring practices and processes inclusive of Indigenous people/have you reduced barriers for Indigenous people? 
  • Are your interview guides in plain language and appropriate for Indigenous candidates? Is there any biased language? 


  • Do you have an Indigenous employee group? 
  • Do you have Indigenous people in your HR department/group? 


  • Has your firm reviewed its HR policies and procedures to ensure it supports Indigenous inclusion? 
  • Do your Indigenous employees have equal access to mentorship and learning opportunities? 
  • Do your Indigenous employees have equal access to promotions and leadership opportunities? 
  • Is your workplace a welcoming environment for Indigenous employees?