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This is your opportunity to position your brand with legal innovators and tech entrepreneurs.

Bold, brash and loud, The Pitch was Canadian legal technology’s debutante party.
– Mitch Kowalski, Legal Post

The Pitch is an exciting competition for companies hoping to change the way we do law. Top finalists earn the chance to compete—and make their pitch to judges and potential investors—in front of a live audience.

The next Pitch will cap off the CCCA National Conference and ICW Summit in Toronto. Join us on May 1, 2018 as we disrupt the legal industry, and bring The Pitch to new heights. 

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Technology is enabling improved access to justice, and new career paths in the legal industry.

In an industry known for following the rules, entrepreneurs are changing the way we practice law.

Will you be part of the change?

On August 12, 2016, we hosted Canada’s leading legal innovation competition - The Pitch.

“Bold, brash and loud, The Pitch was Canadian legal technology’s debutante party.” – Mitch Kowalski, Legal Post

We brought together Canada’s top legal entrepreneurs for the chance to compete—and state their case to judges and potential investors.

“We hope that this event will bring out both big and small ideas to help our industry…

better adapt to the needs of clients through new technologies, new solutions or new business models.” - Loik Amis, CEO, Lexisnexis

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And we’re doing it all again. Join us as we disrupt the legal industry and bring The Pitch to new heights.

Broadcasted live around the world on Periscope.

#TheLegalPitch trended in Canada  

This is your chance to be part of the change. Join entrepreneurs who are transforming Canada’s legal industry.

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