Young Lawyers' Fall Update - November 2018

  • November 23, 2018

The Young Lawyers Section Executive has come back from a successful in-person meeting in Montreal with a full slate of projects and programs that we believe will resonate with Young Lawyers from coast to coast.

The Young Lawyers Section has partnered with the Law Students Section on a number of projects that are near and dear to our hearts, namely: the articling experience, including unpaid articles and workplace harassment, as well as law student loan debt and possible models for lightening the burden of this debt.

Committees have been struck with membership from both the Law Students and Young Lawyers Sections and while it remains early in our search for some answers, we will be soliciting member feedback soon.

Speaking of feedback, did you know that the CBA is on Instagram in addition to its social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Be sure to follow @canadianbarassociation and use #cbayounglawyers to stay up to date and keep others posted about what we’re up to as young Canadian lawyers, whether #behindthedesk, cheering #habsnation, or collaborating with #cbalawstudents.

If you are looking for a way to zen your ride into work, or looking for some practical tips and tricks on life as a new lawyer, the CBA’s new podcasts are worth a listen.

Hear CBA President Ray Adlington speak to his mission to champion inclusivity and diversity in law practice, or about business development and networking when it comes to small and solo firms.

Have an idea for a podcast or webinar that you think would be irresistible to other members? Need ideas for planning a local PD program? Be sure to use the Young Lawyers’ Discussion Board. While it may not rival reddit for upvoting, we promise an environment free from Russian Trolls and Fake News.

All the best,
Your Young Lawyers Section Executive