Young Lawyers Section Social Media Policy

Purpose and Scope

CBA Young Lawyers (CBA-YL) Social Media Policy (“the Policy”) is to provide direction on appropriate and effective ways to use social media on behalf of CBA-YL when publishing content, encouraging engagement, and communicating with both members, non-members, and the wider public.

The Policy is designed to guide the volunteer of the CBA-YL and its constituent national and branch groups in their use of social media channels. The Policy is to be read in line with the CBA Social Media Policy

Use of social media includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Foster member interactions, engagement, and collaborations to reinforce a sense of community;
  • Easily share and disseminate information and notifications to members, non-members, and the public;
  • Provide opportunities for non-members to join the CBA and learn of the opportunities that the CBA and the CBA-YL offer; and
  • Promote the CBA’s public and member services projects, conferences, programming, publications, and other member benefits.

Social Media Protocol

The Policy encourages all volunteers of the CBA-YL to express themselves using personal accounts. That said, this should be done in a manner which reflects the fact that volunteers of the CBA-YL have a responsibility to represent the CBA and its members. Messages posted to personal accounts by volunteers of the CBA-YL should be consistent with the CBA’s Public Relations Policy. Posting messages that run counter to this policy will be dealt with on a case by case basis and could result in the loss of the leadership position for that volunteer.

All postings, whether on official CBA or personal accounts, must respect Canadian law and CBA policies and guidelines, including those regarding discrimination, copyright, defamation, privacy and libel.

Volunteers should consider the effect on their reputation and, by extension, that of the CBA-YL and the CBA, of posts on personal accounts with references to drug or alcohol abuse, profanity, off-colour or sexual humour, personal insults, discriminatory slurs, obscenity, etc.

Official CBA-YL Hashtags

In line with the above, the CBA encourages YL sections across the country to advertise CBA-YL section meetings and events in social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) by using the following approved sets of hashtags:

General Hashtag: #cbayounglawyers

Branch Hashtrags:     

Provinces and Territories




British Columbia




New Brunswick


Newfoundland and Labrador


Northwest Territories


Nova Scotia






Prince Edward Island








Event Specific Hashtags: TBD

To ensure maximum exposure, we recommend for each post to use both the general hashtag and the branch specific hashtag, as well as any event specific hashtags selected.