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But I was wearing a suit…

  • September 10, 2018
  • Melissa D. Atkinson

Last December I read a CBC article about Indigenous lawyers speaking out about bias and racism. The Law Society of B.C. and the Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C. featured an on-line video project called: “I Was Wearing a Suit.” The CBC article focused on Indigenous lawyer’s perspective within the profession and more importantly, opened a conversation about how Indigenous people are treated in our legal system.

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Camp reinstatement challenges belief in redemption narratives

  • June 15, 2018
  • Diane Baker Mason

Former judge Robin Camp has been reinstated as a lawyer after receiving instruction on sexist attitudes. And if he’s not reformed then he’ll be just another sexist male lawyer, writes Diane Baker Mason.

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OBA Women Lawyers Forum speed-mentoring event

  • May 11, 2018
  • Bianca Thomas

On April 4, the OBA Women Lawyers Forum held a speed-mentoring event together with the South Asian Bar Association, the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers, and the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers.

Women Lawyers

LEAF Halifax advocacy for access to medical abortion

  • March 29, 2018
  • Sarah Baddeley

Over the past several months LEAF Halifax, in collaboration with a dedicated community of lawyers, nurses, doctors, social workers, and public health experts, has worked on policy-focused advocacy to increase access to medical abortion.

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Empowering women – and the economy – through quality childcare

  • March 12, 2018
  • Debbie A. Douglas

Women’s participation in the workforce has been shown to boost the economy, and easily accessible and affordable childcare boosts women’s participation in the workforce. It follows that better childcare can lead to a better overall economy.

Women Lawyers

The opportunity gap: Wage disparity in law is about more than gende

  • March 08, 2018
  • Tanya Keller and Megan Spencer

It is largely accepted, in principle, that employers should be required to pay employees the same wage for performing the same work. The reality, however, is that some employers will pay Jane $30,000 to do the job for which they pay Bob $40,000, knowing that they can get away with it.

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