LEAF Halifax advocacy for access to medical abortion

  • March 29, 2018
  • Sarah Baddeley

Over the past several months LEAF Halifax, in collaboration with a dedicated community of lawyers, nurses, doctors, social workers, and public health experts, has worked on policy-focused advocacy to increase access to medical abortion.

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The opportunity gap: Wage disparity in law is about more than gende

  • March 08, 2018
  • Tanya Keller and Megan Spencer

It is largely accepted, in principle, that employers should be required to pay employees the same wage for performing the same work. The reality, however, is that some employers will pay Jane $30,000 to do the job for which they pay Bob $40,000, knowing that they can get away with it.

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Behind closed doors: Domestic violence in Saskatchewan

  • February 20, 2018
  • Carly Romanow

Saskatchewan is known for its flat landscape, fields of wheat and “dry cold” winters. It is the home to more than 100,000 lakes, it produces more NHL players per capita than any other province and it is the only federal constituency in Canada to have had three prime ministers represent it (Sir Wilfred Laurier, William Lyon Mackenzie King and John Diefenbaker).

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CBAII update: Reflections on the inaugural forum of SIRD project

  • February 08, 2018
  • Kelly McLaughlin

I had the opportunity to be part of the Canadian Bar Association’s group of technical advisors that travelled to Arusha, Tanzania for the inaugural regional forum for the most recent CBA International Initiatives project in the region, Supporting Inclusive Resource Development in East Africa.

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CBA-BC WLF-Kamloops welcomes TRU law students

  • February 01, 2018
  • Aachal N. Soll

The Kamloops Women Lawyers Forum held their Welcome Potluck for the incoming first-year law students from Thompson Rivers University on Oct., 2017. This well-attended event was held at the beautiful home of local bencher Michelle Stanford. The aim of this annual event is to introduce the new law students to the Kamloops legal community and to bring them together with potential mentors.

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WLF Fourth National Leadership Conference

  • December 01, 2017

One of the tremendous benefits of belonging to the Women Lawyers Forum is the opportunity to sit in a room with more than 200 peers from all across the country at every stage in their careers and feel the energy of women connecting, questioning, learning, inspiring, growing – but most of all wanting to make our profession and our society better for women, our clients and our families.

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Curiosity and the practise of law with Jacinta Gallant

  • December 01, 2017
  • Emily MacDonald

Every once in a while something happens to make you think about things differently. For me it was a recent conversation with fellow lawyer Jacinta Gallant. Jacinta is a collaborative lawyer, mediator and conflict resolution trainer from Charlottetown.

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