Want to get more involved?

  • June 20, 2019

Interested in becoming more involved with SOGIC? Read on to see how you can, and contact us!

Help Us Advocate!

  • The Executive held its annual in-person meeting in Ottawa on 26-27 April, 2019. We took the opportunity to meet with government and non-governmental representatives, including from the Department of Justice, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Immigration and Refugee Board, LGBTQ2S Secretariat, Canadian Blood Services and Public Safety Canada, to discuss issues of importance to the LGBTQ2SI community.
  • Fernand Comeau, the Executive Director of the LGBTQ2S Secretariat, asked if SOGIC members were aware of challenges specifically in the immigration process. Let us know if you have knowledge about, or have experienced, these following issues, or others, (either in your practice or personally) and if you want to get involved in related advocacy initiatives.
    • LGBTQ2SI families who are having trouble immigrating with a child who is not genetically related to both, or at least one, parent who has Canadian citizenship
    • Issues that trans/non-binary folks have experienced at the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Help Us Grow Membership

  • Whether it be at the national or provincial level, the CBA welcomes members getting more involved. Please help us to spread the word about SOGIC activities at the branch and national levels and encourage others to join the Section and come out for our activities (especially new students and young lawyers).

A Callout to Any Wordsmiths in Our Section

  • We are always looking for new member articles (which are also now open to the public)!

What Else Have We Been Up To?

  • The Section presented its annual Hero and Ally awards at the CBA President’s Dinner on 12 February 2019. Both awards recognize members of the legal community who have advanced the cause of equality of LGBTQ2SI communities. This year’s recipients were Florence Ashley (Hero award) and Justice Harry LaForme (Ally). Nominations will re-open for the 2020 awards in Fall 2019.


Dorianne Mullin