The CBA has a long history of encouraging voluntary pro bono services, which are professional legal services provided without charge for the public good.

What We Do

The Pro Bono Committee is committed to strengthening the CBA’s pro bono initiatives. To enhance the profession’s public image, we facilitate pro bono services in the legal profession and publicize lawyers’ pro bono work.

Our Expertise

The Pro Bono Committee includes members with the following qualifications:

  • Knowledge or experience in the delivery of pro bono legal services
  • Knowledge of pro bono legal activities in member jurisdictions

How We Work

The Committee consists of the Pro Bono chairs from each branch and a national chair and vice-chair nominated from among them. The chair of the Legal Aid Liaison Committee is an ex-officio member of the Pro Bono Committee, while the chair of the Pro Bono Committee is an ex-officio member of the Legal Aid Liaison and Access to Justice Committees.

Time Commitment

Committee members spend approximately 2 days per year providing their expertise and participating in meetings, usually by conference call and email.

Take Action

Do you know an early career lawyer who supports the community through outstanding pro bono legal services? Submit a nomination for our Young Lawyers Pro Bono Award.

The Volunteer in Profile award will be awarded four times annually to an outstanding person from a province or territory in Canada.

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