March 2017 Roundup: New Legal Developments

  • April 07, 2017

In this quarterly roundup, we are pleased to present two articles addressing remedies from the Ontario Financial Services Tribunal that may also provide guidance for comparable tribunals and boards across the country. In Dudumas the Tribunal awarded costs for unreasonable conduct by a party and in Hiscocks the Tribunal refused a request to purchase past service for periods that an employee did not participate in a pension plan. The legal developments posts include legislative updates across the country including enhancement of the Canada Pension Plan, the new Financial Services Regulatory Authority proposed in Ontario (see also the article on this topic), solvency funding relief in BC, funding of pension plans in Quebec and legislation allowing further consolidation of public sector plans in Nova Scotia. Thanks to all our contributors and we will continue to post articles and updates on a monthly basis.

Level Chan and François Parent Co-Chairs, Communications Committee

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