Trademarks Committee


  1. To disseminate information to CBA members concerning the law with respect to trade-marks and certification marks.
  2. To examine proposed modifications to the Trade-marks Act, or recommend amendments to the Act that should be introduced.
  3. To promote research and scholarship in Canada with respect to trade-mark law and to encourage publication of articles in this area of the law.
  4. To promote awareness among CBA members and the general public of trade-mark and certification mark law and the means by which such valuable intellectual property can be protected.
  5. To engage in other activity including the study, practice, evolution, modification or promotion of trade-mark and certification mark law, as well as the acquisition and protection of such intellectual property.
  6. To liaise with the Licensing, Franchising and Related Matters Committee on areas of mutual interest.
  7. To meet regularly, by conference call or otherwise, and in particular at the CBA Legal Conference.