Biotechnology Committee


  1. To identify legal issues arising out of current biotechnological advances, and to discuss and disseminate information concerning the above to this National Section and/or the CBA.
  2. To prepare reports on legal aspects of particular biotechnical issues of concern, such as matters of potential litigation and possible statutory amendment.
  3. To co-operate with other legal and non-legal organizations concerning the impact of biotechnological advances. For example, considering and commenting on relevant reports prepared by other organizations, providing expertise of Committee members as resource persons to other organizations and conducting joint meetings on matters of joint interest.
  4. To assist at, or contribute to, working sessions at annual or regional meetings of the CBA.
  5. To meet regularly, by conference call or otherwise, and particularly at the CBA Annual Conference.
  6. To provide comment and advice to the Section Executive on biotechnological matters.
  7. To participate and assist in Continuing Legal Education projects.