Immigration Lawyers: Your Key to Successful Immigration

  • March 15, 2012

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Your Key to Successful Immigration

Each year, fewer than 300,000 immigrants are accepted into Canada. For those looking to immigrate to Canada, it can be exciting, yet stressful and confusing. Speaking to a qualified immigration lawyer can help you avoid unnecessary delays and could mean the difference between a successful application and a process that ends in prolonged delay, refusal, or even removal from Canada.

Why Speak with an Immigration Lawyer?

Just speaking with an immigration lawyer can help you make informed decisions about the most suitable type of application for you. Immigration lawyers are required to keep up-to-date on developments in law and policy that could impact your application.

The internet can be a useful resource in the immigration process, as many of the government's guides, application forms and processing times are available online. However, information on the internet can also be confusing, inaccurate and inappropriate for your situation. It may also leave many questions unanswered. Immigration lawyers are highly qualified to help you unlock this system with accurate and complete advice, customized to your circumstances.

Not all immigration representatives are lawyers. In fact, many who claim to be experts have insufficient training to advise and represent you. They may also be unlicensed to practise immigration law or to represent you in Federal Court proceedings. It can be very costly and difficult, sometimes even impossible, to undo mistakes that could have been avoided with the expert advice of an immigration lawyer from the beginning.

Reasons to speak with an immigration lawyer:

  • visitor visas
  • permanent residence visas
  • work permits
  • study permits
  • refugee claims
  • maintaining permanent residence
  • medical inadmissibility issues
  • criminal inadmissibility issues
  • citizenship matters

Benefits of Speaking with an Immigration Lawyer

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Communication between you and your immigration lawyer is protected by rules of confidentiality. This means that immigration lawyers cannot disclose your information to others, including the Government of Canada, without your consent. Other representatives cannot guarantee this type of privacy.

Knowledge and Experience

Canadian immigration law and policy is complex and always changing. Errors and omission can cause significant delays, higher costs, refusals and even detention and removal from Canada. An immigration lawyer can advise you of your rights and obligations from the start. Immigration lawyers are part of a network of qualified lawyers across Canada.

Education and Specialized Training

Immigration lawyers complete several years of legal education as well as practical training before becoming licensed to practise law. Immigration lawyers are required to complete continuing professional development to enhance knowledge and practice skills. You benefit from years of education and specialized training dedicated to immigration law.

Regulated and Accountable

Immigration lawyers are licensed and supervised by provincial or territorial law societies that ensure competence, professionalism and ethics. Law societies ensure that immigration lawyers are accountable to the public they serve.

Absolute Representation

Only lawyers – and not consultants – can represent you with respect to Citizenship Act matters and in Federal Court.

Speak to a Lawyer.

Know Your Rights.

Before beginning any immigration process, speak to a licensed immigration lawyer.

Immigration lawyers have in-depth knowledge about the workings of the Canadian immigration system, and have years of training and hands-on experience that enable them to help you develop and execute your personal immigration strategy

Your Partner in the Immigration Process

Through the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), immigration lawyers receive the support and resources of a national association with more than 38,000 members. Lawyers remain at the forefront of changing immigration laws and policies through educational courses and support they receive from the CBA and its Immigration Law Section.

  Immigration Lawyers: Your Key to Successful Immigration